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The Department of Education is considering a rule that we believe would have an extremely negative impact on students and career schools around the country. The proposed “Gainful Employment” rule would make any program ineligible for federal financial aid if it fails to meet a specific test that requires that student loan debt service cannot be more than 8% of starting salary.

Proposed to address the problem of skyrocketing student doubt, the rule undoubtedly has a laudable goal. But the rule significantly misses the mark: studies show that instead of helping students, the proposal would limit the educational and professional opportunities for literally hundreds of thousands of students.

A recent study concluded that 18 percent of private postsecondary programs would not satisfy the debt limits of the proposed rule. That translates to about 360,000 students who would lose eligibility for federal student aid each year. Medical assisting and other health-related professional/clinical science programs would be heavily impacted. Ultimately, entire programs might have to be eliminated.

What’s more, the rule would only apply to proprietary career schools like Daymar —it would not apply to public or private non-profit post-secondary schools, even though there is clear evidence that many programs in these institutions would not satisfy the debt limits either.

What does all this mean for students, career schools and local economies?

  • If the Gainful Employment rule is adopted, schools like Daymar might not be able to offer certain programs. Students will thus have reduced access to training in certain fields, limiting the number of qualified candidates available for these positions. True economic recovery will be delayed without a source of qualified graduates to fill the in-demand jobs needed to fuel the growth of the economy.
  • Reduction or elimination of programs threatens job loss and lay-offs of faculty and associates. Increased unemployment rates will hurt local and regional businesses.
  • Proprietary schools like Daymar contribute to the state and the region by employing hundreds of people and paying payroll taxes; by purchasing in the region and paying sales taxes, and by running facilities in the region that pay real estate taxes. By threatening the elimination of entire programs, the Gainful Employment rule puts at risk significant investment in communities and regions.

We believe that hundreds of thousands of students deserve the opportunity to pursue the career of their choosing, and to make informed, intelligent choices about the amount of debt they can take on and repay. Tell Congress and the President what you think!

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    We also encourage you to add a few sentences of your own. You might want to mention how you rely on Daymar graduates as a source of qualified candidates who have the skills necessary to perform on day one of a job with your company. Let your elected officials know that the skills that Daymar graduates bring to a position reduce the need to invest in expensive on-the-job training for unproven candidates. Or you might discuss how long your company has done business with Daymar, and the school’s investment in the community and local or regional businesses.

  • Once you have finished, simply copy and paste the letter in your text editor into the email forms for each of your elected officials.
  • Once you have finished one letter, you can simply copy and paste the whole letter into the email contact forms for each of your elected officials.